About me

I’m a photographer and photography is my passion and obsession. I first discovered photography as a child, when my father and I developed pictures together in the darkroom. Then I became more interested in painting but later I began to realize that photography is the ideal means of expression, the greatest relaxation, excitement and adventure for me. When I add travel to the mix, it’s the perfect combination.
I attended several photo workshops. Although I feel like a versatile photographer and do not shy away from any genre of photography, street photo appeals to me the most. The street is like one big theater.
People, their stories and emotions are inspiring for me and I try to capture the atmosphere of a unique moment, be it portraits, weddings or concerts.
I like simplicity, natural light and, if possible, uncontrolled situations. It makes me happy when people like my photos – that’s the greatest reward for me.

Mia Feres


  • 2021 – placement among 1000 winning photos from 60,000 images from around the world in the competition CEWE Photo Award 2021
  • 2021 – winning photo in the Nikonblog competition for the month of March and April 2021, theme Light and Shadow
  • 2020 – photo of the month in the Nikonblog competition
  • 2019 – 2 x photo of the month in the Nikonblog competition
  • 2019 – First place in “Dvě tváře Prahy” (Two faces of Prague) contest
  • 2017 – Second and third place in The main prize category of “Dvě tváře Prahy” (Two faces of Prague) contest and 3 x first place + third place in other categories


  • 2021„Pražské siluety“ – a separate photographic exhibition in the chapel of Hus’s congregation of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church
  • 2019 – album cover and photos in Livin Free CD booklet
  • 2019 – „Cesty tam a zase zpátky“ (Travel back and forth) – wine bar U sv. Anežky (together with Kateřina Smid)
  • 2018 – „Pražské okamžiky“ (Prague moments) – wine bar U sv. Anežky (together with Kateřina Smid)
  • 2018 –  „Neapol“ – Coffeepark (together with Kateřina Smid)
  • 2017– photos in the booklet “Divoké ticho Žižkova” by Hromosvod
  • 2017 – „Hry světel a stínů“ (
    Games of lights and shadows) – wine bar U sv. Anežky (together with Kateřina Smid)
  • 2017,2018,2019 – „Praha fotografická“ – Oldtown Hall
  • 2016,2017,2018– Café Arieta with PSP group